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Is SD WAN right for you?

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Gartner estimates up to 25% of users will manage their WAN through software within two years. Before you decide if this is best for your business, I'd like to share my insight with you.

There are three major segments to consider with SD WAN solutions. The actual SD WAN box (including switches and redundancy/resiliency), Internet circuits, and voice services.


While most SD WAN providers have the same basic concept (self-service portal, multiple IP connections with aggregation, failover and resiliency), there are key items that differentiate them, such as user portals, failover speed, packet algorithms, and security elements. Some of the top providers we have seen deployed are VeloCloud, Versa, Cisco IWAN/Meraki, TELoIP, Viptela, and BigLeaf. SD WAN is just the box or service, it does not encompass the circuitry. The SD WAN boxes are purchased through a provider/vendor who then will manage the solution.


To have SD WAN services work effectively, it is important to vary internet providers, to provide different mediums of connectivity. For example, if provider #1 is a coax provider, the secondary provider’s service should run over either fiber or copper, which will provide redundancy and resiliency at the physical location.

SD WAN & Internet/Network Providers:

Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) can provide the SD WAN box along with a primary circuit. However, it has been discovered that LECs will not effectively manage the secondary internet circuit or switches. In our experience, using an aggregator for SD WAN solutions will provide the best results. The reason for this is that aggregators can provide and manage the full solution (switch, SD WAN, 1st & 2nd Internet provider, failover and security). Aggregators can order and manage all types of circuits (fiber, coax, copper, microwave, 4G, etc.) and hardware (mentioned above) to support the full solution.

Voice Services:

Voice/dial-tone phone services are as important as always. However, voice services are being delivered differently by mixing soft phones with desktop hard phones. Most aggregators have voice services available within their solution set. This part of the solution can be easily bundled into the SD WAN and Internet/Network solution.

Aggregator Solution Providers:

So, you are asking, who are the aggregators? Narrowing down the list of possibilities can be daunting, and we want to help you find the best fit for your needs. If you are interested in hearing more, fill out the contact us information on the home page.

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