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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

At GCG we collaborate with the top companies in the technology sector. The relationships we have with these suppliers allow us to offer industry-leading solutions to our clients as their business technology needs evolve and transform.

As an extension of our clients’ organization, GCG's consulting team assists in the design of custom technology solutions. Our account management teams have decades of industry tenure and expansive relationships to solve our clients’ needs and requirements. The toolbox that we source from is full of the most innovative, cutting-edge, and proven technologies from around the world.

The cost to our clients for our consulting, project, and account management services? There is none.

We are a consulting company powered by our brokerage arm. The suppliers - more than 500 in all - whose technology we deliver to our clients, compensate us for our services. But we do not stop working when the consulting is done. Our project and account management teams take the next natural step in connecting supplier and client to assist in the installation process. We do this to guarantee that the client’s requirements and expectation levels are not only met but exceeded.

The relationship with our clients does not end after installation. Dedicated GCG account teams will stay at the client’s disposal for the entire life cycle of the solution. We are there when clients need to upgrade, expand, switch services, move to a new location, or decide to disconnect. We will also step in to assist with supplier escalations on outages, queries, or billing tickets. The GCG team is considered a powerful extension of their clients’ IT division.

As the world evolves to its newest normal, quality support is necessary to keep businesses up and running through every type of circumstance. We ensure that the suppliers stand behind their technology to meet commitments from the date of install through the next stage of evolution. Our business model is uniquely designed to not only formulate solutions for our clients, but also to deliver the best in long-term satisfaction.

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