• Chris Newell

Changing With The Times

When Covid-19 hit the US in March and April, most of us entered a new reality. Being in IT, my team has not only had to find a way to support our external clients but also support their internal clients as well. Here are some of the takeaways and learning moments we have experienced so far:

Cloud and Digital Transformation is Beneficial

Now more than ever clients are moving their services to cloud technologies. With a vast number of employees working remote, utilizing cloud technologies has become massively important, even more so than it already was. Employees are not working in a traditional business environment. Because of this, UCaaS, CCaaS, O365, Cloud Compute and Storage, Virtual Desktop and Virtual Collaboration services are being migrated to at a rate we have not seen before. Existing cloud projects that were slated for deployment in late 2020 have been fast tracked to completion in weeks, not months.

Reducing IT Costs

Over the past couple of months, a lot of our clients have been tasked with reducing costs as much as possible. This has taken on many different forms, including re-contracting existing services in the effort to reduce costs, or canceling portions of services. Some clients have asked our team to look at existing services with all suppliers and find ways to aggregate services to a single provider to take advantage of economies of scale. In some cases, clients request to cancel services altogether or re-purpose assets to be more effective in our new reality. Whatever the strategy, many businesses are in a desperate mode of scaling back, while still needing to increase performance.

The Importance of Redundancy and Resiliency

With most all employees working remotely, if there are services needed at the offices (such as onsite Exchange, PBX, File Sharing, etc.), having redundancies at your offices for VPN or SD-WAN have become more vital than ever. With a single threaded connection, employees are destined to do their laundry rather than work when there is a blip on the network.

Security is Being Reshaped

Most of our clients have somewhat strong security measures for their offices. With a remote workforce, there is a question of how to secure this environment. We have been working with some of our clients and security suppliers in our portfolio to address their new security concerns and discuss best practices for protecting their environment.

Scalability is Vital

Some of our clients are going through massive growth during this time. We have had to scale out large networks in noticeably short periods of time to accommodate new and temporary locations with both 4/5G, microwave, and fiber facilities. Speed of install and safety are most important for these clients. Due to our supplier ecosystem our team has multiple suppliers who can deliver.

At GCG, we have been working diligently with our clients to work through their own challenges during this pandemic and subsequent fallout. If you think you are on your own island through this new reality you are not.

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