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Changes Coming to UCaaS...

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

You may have heard that there are some changes going on in the UCaaS space. BroadSoft, being one of the market share leaders 2016-2017 was acquired by Cisco for $1.9 billion. It was/is unclear on how they intend to roll-out and effectively support the BroadSoft market/user community. This is starting to become more defined with their OnDemand subscription-based service, where BroadSoft switches are being supported by VAR’s and service providers for end user issues and experiences.

Keep in mind that BroadSoft has an estimated 600+ service providers that use the switch as their core voice solution sets. The support of these 600+ providers is critical to the success of the solution. One of the caveats is that we know Cisco will put their spin on the Broadsoft solution. Some naysayers speculate that this is going to be another Whiptail, Flip Camera/ Pure Digital experience, however, I don't believe so.

This change could position “home grown” proprietary service providers such as RingCentral, 8x8 and Fuze as a more attractive solution for business clients looking to get away from Cisco or the uncertainty of the BroadSoft solution set and how it is supported. On the flip side, it opens UCaaS to an on-demand environment with a very established user base for existing BroadSoft satisfied users.

What are your thoughts?

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